Welcome to Faith in 5

We have a passion to get the good news of the Christian faith out there to the many people who know little or nothing about it.  We think we will best achieve this by putting ‘tools’ in the hands of ordinary Christians, giving them the confidence to talk about faith with those around them at home, at school, at work, in their neighbourhood, on the bus, etc.

We have used symbols to represent the main events concerning God’s dealings with humanity.  While the use of symbols to explain the Christian faith is not new, we hope you will agree that Faithin5 is:

  1. Memorable

    The symbols give a visual reminder of each main part of the Christian message.  Also, you can also count off the symbols on the fingers of one hand – that led to the connected idea of ‘Safe in His (God’s) hands’ and the background image of the hand.

  2. Comprehensive

    The 5 symbols depict the main stages of God’s relationship with humanity – from creation and intimacy with God; to the fall and separation from God; to Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross making forgiveness and reconciliation with God possible; to the possibility of a restored relationship with God lived through the power and direction of the Holy Spirit; to the choice we all make to live with or without God.

  3. Intriguing

    Many people will look at the symbols and ask, “What do they mean? What do they stand for?” Be prepared for some good conversations!

  4. Universal

    We use symbols rather than words.  So, no script – you can explain the message in your own words with reference to the symbols.   And of course, symbols have a message in any language.

  5. Inexpensive

    It costs very little to put a Faithin5 small message card in someone’s hand.  And who knows where that may lead!

  6. Flexible

    Why not add your church or personal contact information to the message cards you give away, so you can keep in touch.

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