Stories of how Faithin5 has been used

Jules, London

(on the navy/white hoodie she bought for her 10 year old son) He LOVES it and hasn’t taken it off since last Wednesday…Its a great fit/great colour so now they all want one – that is my other 2 kids who are 8 and 5!!

Mal, Pucklechurch, Near Bristol, August 2009

We run a kids club for a week each summer (with much follow up & connection in the school it meets in – Pucklechurch Primary School).  We were looking for a way to communicate the simple yet profound truths of God at the club We were able to use the Faithin5 wristbands to help the kids in processing how to make positive choices – & especially to start to wear one if they wanted to start to live a life chasing after God.  Its great to see many still being worn in school!

My own kids love them as an easy & cringe free way to explain to their friends what their faith is all about.

Brian, Zimbabwe, September 2008

The blue and white wrist bands have made a great impact in my community in Zimbabwe where youths have lost hope.  But these have not only replaced the widely popular Nike wrist bands, but have become a handy bible thats is ready for a quick reference and a salvation tool in Zimbabwe.  Thanks.

Bob, Cheltenham, July 2008

I am a schools worker.  GIG, the charity I work for, bought a lot of Faithin5 wristbands for me to give away to the year 6 leavers in the schools where I take assemblies.  I only have 20 minutes for an assembly and the 5 symbols have been a very time effective way to get the gospel message across in that time.

At the end, I then offered the bands to each leaver – not one child declined.  I had 3 left over from 330 bands!  They have gone down so well, far better than I had ever expected!  I have been so encouraged.

Andy, Gloucester, May 2008

Our church buy the wristbands and give them to the male inmates of Gloucester prison when we go to lead services there.  The men LOVE them and there is always a demand for them – in fact, we can’t keep up with demand!  The men wear them proudly and it has given confidence to many of them to share their faith with staff as well as other inmates.

Katharine, May 2007

All the wristbands were snapped up – seemed popular with young teenagers, both boys and girls…people really liked the wristbands and the idea of using them to explain the gospel simply.

Liz, May 2007

My friend’s mum got these wristbands for all of us.  I’d only had mine about 2 days when I got to use it!  I was talking online to someone who was confused about what the gospel message actually was, so I told her about the five symbols and what they meant.  It was really helpful (to me and her) to be able to present a clear, succinct message without my usual ‘ums’ and ‘ers’!

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